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The arrival of spring has meant that Aries season has officially begun. The Sun moved into passionate Aries on the 20th of March and with it has brought the blossoming of flowers and the arrival of the sun. Aries Season brings forth a chance to start anew. It’s a time to be brave, fierce, and confident in your beliefs. Wake up every morning with courage in your heart and remember that you only live once. 

Take joy in your life and get out into nature as much as possible throughout the next month. Now that we’ve made it out of the cold and dark winter, we are now entering the beautiful and vibrant springtime. During this season expect an abundance of energy to come through, and expect a new zeal for life. Aries Season brings passionate and childlike energy, but be careful not to be rash or impulsive. Life begins once more. Happy Astrological New Year!

Aries Happy Birthday Aries! The spotlight is on you and it’s time for you to bring the springtime energy in! Your energy levels are going to be increasing, and you’re going to be feeling extremely eager to network and make new friends. Be careful of making impulsive decisions, and keep your temper under check, as your ideals could be tested. Use your birthday energy to tackle new projects and enjoy that birthday magic! You may also be feeling like a glow-up is in order, so keep an eye out for a new wardrobe to rock for the rest of the year. You’re on fire! It’s time to celebrate!

Taurus As we move away from the deep and mystical Pisces season, your subconscious self is still there. The hidden nature of yourself and others around you is going to become extremely interesting, pay careful attention to your intuition. You may find yourself feeling angry or ill-tempered out of nowhere, it is wise to spend some time alone to work out where these feelings are coming from. Your season is next, so take as much time as you need to rest and relax before the spotlight is well and truly on you. 

Gemini The urge to socialise and to be around your loved ones is almost insatiable! You’re bringing the fire to every party, and everyone wants some of your time and energy. Remember to look after yourself and replenish your resources after spending so much time with your friends and remember to have as much fun as possible during this vibrant time! 

Cancer You could be overly concerned with how people see you and what your reputation is. Perhaps you had a job offer come through that you didn’t think you were qualified enough for, or maybe you’ve had some wounds to your reputation within the last few months. Remember that you’re worth more than what people perceive you to be. 

Leo Investigating, philosophising, and learning are the names of the game when it comes to Aries season. You’re going to be wanting to learn a new subject or broaden your education further. Perhaps the subject will be something that you’ve put off for a while for fear of being bad at it. 

Virgo You may be having some new ideas about your psychological processes or wanting to enter a certain area of psychology. Your thought patterns could benefit from this investigation, and you may experience a breakthrough and transformation under this energy. 

Libra It’s time to have a look at your relationships and where you’re spending your time and energy. Aries Season is giving you the chance to heal and repair relationships that could’ve gone sour in the past. Alternatively, this energy will propel forward in your favour if you’re experiencing legal issues. 

Scorpio Your health is coming into focus throughout Aries Season. If you’ve been meaning to see a Doctor, or go for a check-up, now is the time to do so. You may also be working extremely hard and pushing your limits, so make sure you’re taking some time to relax and look after your physical and mental self as this energetic season takes hold. 

Sagittarius As this season takes hold all you want to do is play! There is so much excitement to be had, and you don’t want to feel as if you are caged in. Restless feelings could take a hold of you, and the urge for adventure is calling. Make sure you’re doing everything in moderation, and though there is so much fun and joy to be had, make sure you’re looking after yourself and your commitments. 

Capricorn Your comfort and your domesticity is becoming more and more apparent as the Sun moves through Aries. You may want to start looking for a new place to live or make some changes around your current living situation. You want to put as much energy as you can into making sure you are comfortable and that you feel safe. Maybe you have trauma around the living environment, and now would be a perfect time to tackle those problems.

Aquarius Communication is paramount right now, and the urge to say what’s on your mind is coming to the forefront of your brain. Now is the time to take up a new writing project, submit a proposal or start an essay. You can now effectively communicate anything you wish without the fear of being misunderstood. If you have siblings, you may receive some important news from them. Pisces Now that your season is over, it’s time for you to take a breath of fresh air and start implementing the plans that you’ve been thinking about over the past few months. What you have and your material values are coming into question this season. You could be wanting more money, and you could be looking for more financial opportunities to become wealthier. If you have a business idea, now would be the time to invest some money into it as it will pay off well for you throughout the upcoming year.

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