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I’m a resident tattoo artist in Stars and Moon Tattoo – Hove. I have illustrated all my life and studied at art university for four years. I began hand poking through the lockdowns and fell in love with the art of putting ink into skin. I now work alongside an incredible artist – @cloudy.ink who believed in my art and proudly took me on board as a new tattoo artist. The stars must have been aligned the day I met Klaudia. 

I love to create tattoos that are based around the female form, embracing every curve and bump our bodies were born with. 

I have recently bought a machine to begin my big plans for bigger tattoos. I plan on creating tattoos that imitate victorian etchings, inspired by The Illustrated Police News. Many of these stories discuss women doing mediocre things yet they’re being described as ‘scandalous’. I want my tattoos to have a sense of empowerment and dignity with women’s history woven into them. So far my tattoos have been playful and fairly simple, 2022 will be my year to really focus my craft and style in tattooing.

I sincerely thank every human who has had a tattoo from me, you’re making me the tattoo artist I’m intended to be. I also look forward to meeting my new clientele in 2022.

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Edie Bea Tattoos

  1. Edie is great! I’m one of the lucky ones to be have been tattooed by her. Two times so far and I’m sure I’ll be back.
    Join her professionalism and creativity with that cosy quite pinky tattoo parlour and it’s like being tattooed by fairies.
    Edie tattooed the name of my Son in binary code and tattooed and amazing butterfly ( her own drawing) on my right hand just by my previous Picasso tattoo. What else can I say? I carry a bit of two of my favourite artists with me – thank you Woman! Thank you Edie. I’ll see you in 2020!

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