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Hey all, welcome to the brand new page of this year’s travel and culture section: all things food! There will be reviews of exciting and student friendly places to eat in Brighton with honest and genuine feedback and tips. Moreover, each edition will include a new, simple and cost effective recipe for you to try out, ranging from breakfasts to desserts, including meat and vegan food. 

Being a massive foodie myself, I was in my element moving to Brighton for university with the vast range of cafes, restaurants and bars. With the exciting refurbishment of Shelter Hall this year, it has easily become my new go-to and favourite restaurant in Brighton. The setting alone based right on the seafront is enough to attract huge numbers of tourists in the summer, where I have often spotted queues of people lining up outside itching for a table in the sun (so I would definitely recommend booking prior to avoid disappointment). As well as the views from outside, sitting inside is just as enjoyable, with the vibrant decor brightening the spacious and lively restaurant. 

As for the food, the array of options to choose means that even the pickiest of eaters in your group will find something to fill the hole in their stomach! With the ease of ordering

food and drink on your phone, you can quickly scroll through the different kitchens: Pan by Lost Boys Chicken, Ox Block by Kenny Tutt, Zest by Hanoi Kitchen, Amalfi by VIP, Caught by Crab Shack, Tart by Sugardough, Santan Boi by New Venture Kitchen and a kids menu. Being able to order from the different kitchens at the click of a button means you can try as many different flavours and cuisines as you like, all within one sitting of a meal. The only downside is that you can’t predict what food will arrive first, thus you may end up eating in a certain order – but if this does not concern you then Shelter Hall is the place to go! As well as the vast variety of food, Shelter Hall is more than generous with their portion sizes. Even being a big eater myself, I struggled to finish all that I ordered! Therefore,a personal recommendation from myself is getting a range of different dishes and sharing. This way, not only does it mean you can try many different foods, but it will also make it cheaper when the cost is split – making it the perfect solution for students. 

My personal favourite is the Korean Kimchi chicken burger from Pan. This saucy burger is worth the mess it makes for the flavours exploding in your mouth. The buttermilk chicken used is so tender, but this burger is not for those who don’t enjoy spice! The korean sauce has an extremely bold flavour which is rather spicy if this is something you enjoy! Coupled with this, I ordered the BBQ fries from Pan (as seen in the photograph) – although I would definitely recommend sharing these if this is your side as they are extremely filling! These never-ending curly fries are drizzled in the perfect infusion of Kansas BBQ sauce and mustard mayo which really compliments the toppings of shallots and pickles – how could you really go wrong with loaded curly fries! Additionally, I could not leave without trying a dish from the Crab Shack! Having always lived by the coast, seafood is one of my favourite cuisines, thus I had very high expectations. I decided to order the cockle and shrimp popcorn (shown in the photograph) with a lemon mayo. Once again, this was a very large portion which I would definitely recommend sharing otherwise it does get excessive and tedious eating the same thing continuously. However, the dish itself did not disappoint. Imagine eating delicious seafood covered in a crunchy batter, whilst looking out at the sea! 

If it isn’t already clear enough, I would undoubtedly recommend Shelter Hall to anyone looking for a delicious meal in Brighton! I cannot wait to attend again and try some different kitchens whilst having a drink by the sea. The restaurant does also offer cocktails so if you are looking to treat yourself, it seems like the perfect place. Additionally, every Friday and Saturday there is a DJ, so you can relax whilst listening to live music. I cannot wait to go back to Shelter Hall and I could not recommend it enough!

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