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With optimism that theatre’s shall be reopening their doors to crowds, albeit with social distancing and one the day testing, all across the UK venues are announcing their new performances in the hope of drawing in crowds this summer season. Not only are theatres reopening but they are also adapting, with an expected revival of the outdoor British Theatre experience expected to take place this summer, a great solution to not only get those in the industry working once again, but also provide an alternative space in which theatre lovers can feel more comfortable and safe. One thing to note is the variety of performances, especially the revivals of not only infamous plays but also beloved actors, is showing how important it is to get involved in this industry which has been hit so hard by the inability for live performances over the last twelve months. And with that, here is some of the events coming to Brighton for this summer theatre season.

Heathers: The Musical, Theatre Royal Brighton, 25/05-29/05

Based on the 1980’s classic film, this musical took the West end by storm and is not starting its first national tour. 

Brighton Fringe, Across the City, 28/05-27/06

As the largest open-access arts festival in England, Brighton Fringe  embraces every art and supports both new and established performers in pushing the boundaries of their self expression. 

Six: The Musical, Theatre Royal Brighton, 03/08-07/08

Following successful runs on both Broadway and the West End, Six is the medieval retelling of the wives of Henry VIII, with a bit of girl power thrown into the mix. 

This is Going to Hurt (Secret Diaries of A Junior Doctor), Theatre Royal Brighton, 31/07. 

Adam Kay takes his best-selling highly emotive and eye opening best selling novel and shares entries from his diaries from when he was a junior doctor. Expect a night of humour and heart ache, with this in depth exploration of what it really means to be part of the NHS. 

The Brighton Festival, at home & across the city, 01/05-23/05

The Brighton Festival will be returning with a celebration of art and culture throughout the month of May in the city. Although the festivities shall begin virtually, the shall be moving to in person with measures in place, following the easing of restrictions. The festival shall provide a combination of visual art and installation, classical to contemporary music, theatre and comedy, film and literature.

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