The potential sighting of a firearm on St James’ street has prompted a large-scale police response in the Kemptown district of Brighton.

Words by Olly Williams

Sussex Police announced via Twitter this afternoon that they were looking for suspects involved in “an assault where a potential firearm was seen”. They also reported that the victim “has not suffered any injuries”.

A Kemptown resident reported that a low flying, yellow and blue police helicopter remained circling the seafront area over Kemptown for at least another 20 minutes at approximately 12 this morning, with a section of the road closed with a heavy police presence.

A witness to the aftermath told The Badger that he heard “shouting outside a café as police arrived” and a general sense of confusion at the scene.

An official announcement via Sussex Police of Facebook stated:

“Officers, including firearms colleagues and the police helicopter, are conducting high visibility patrols in the area to locate any suspects. Some of the roads around St James’s Avenue have been closed. Enquiries are also ongoing to establish if the victim and suspects are known to each other”.

The Brighton Argus reported that witnesses “heard shots” at the scene. The Badger was told by a resident that they heard “what could have been firecrackers”. Another resident told us via social media that they had cancelled plans to go out that evening out of fear. Police at the scene did not comment.

Initially, the police cordon stretched from the Black Dove pub at the top of St James’ street down to the co-op, but since this later afternoon has been reduced to just the Rock Place crossroads where the incident happened. Motorists and pedestrians are being diverted by the police who continue to monitor the area.

Police are asking for any witnesses or people with potential information to contact them on 101.

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