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At Sussex, as I am sure you are by now aware, there are literally hundreds of different societies for you to join in with, whether that be something you do day to day or just every now and again. Here at the Theatre part of The Badger, obviously one of our favourites are SMuTs, a group of musical theatre lovers who welcome everyone with all abilities and experience. They offer opportunities not only to performers but also to those behind the scenes, from directing and make-up, to costume and tech. I reached out to the society and Rachel Jennings, the Welfare Officer this year, got back to me and gave me all the info, and basically wrote the article, so that I could share it with you!

Whether you’re a fresher or a Sussex veteran, unfortunately no one knows exactly what this next year will look like (unless you’re Dr Emmet Brown that is). However, with the recent formation of a brand-new committee, SMuTs are primed and full of great ideas to ensure you still enjoy your passion for music and performance, in a safe and relaxed environment. 

Although they are unable to put on their big annual show or our 48 hour musical this year, things have not changed for what they are offering as they are still giving every member the opportunity to show off their talents through many showcases and workshops, all year round. Their famous cabarets will still play a big role in the SMuTs schedule and will be held online! These Cabaret’s aren’t just limited to showing off any singing, dancing or acting abilities but are open to anyone with any passion or talent they want to showcase! Various online skill workshops will be held to keep your performing bug alive, led by some very talented people! They are making it clear that they are not at all wanting to let up on events and workshops as they would also really like to hear what online events you’d want to see, whether it be a musical you’d love to workshop, or a kind of showcase you’d like to put on, as their aim is to cater for your passions and interests whilst ensuring members stay as safe as possible in our current environment. Additionally, they are giving any SMuTs member the opportunity to hold their own online workshop in an area they are very passionate about! 

It is important to stay part of the things that you love, especially through a time where just going out and doing things isn’t so easy and perhaps SMuTs is the place for you to do that! Find them on Instagram ‘@SmutsBrighton’ or on Facebook as ‘Sussex Musical Theatre Society SMuTs’ and join!

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