From 28th February to 27th March, Ollie Quinn has transformed its exhibition basement into a floral paradise. Walking past the independent eyewear shop on Bond Street, one would never expect to find such a tropical space beneath its shop floor.

Detailing several photographs surrounded by an impressively floral sculpture, Lili Toth’s exhibition, Let The Petals Whisper, is an oasis rendered vibrant with deep pinks and purples.

A recent graduate in Illustration at the University of Brighton, Toth’s practice compromises of both photography and mixed media. Having a florist mother as her influence, Toth’s love for flowers, combined with her explorations of concepts surrounding “alternate beauty,” are wholly engrained in her exhibition works. As Toth describes, Let The Petals Whisper “is an exercise in spontaneity,” and an exploration of time’s fleetingness.



Ollie Quinn’s exhibition space owes a pleasurable setting for Toth’s designs; the concrete ceiling and the blank walls belonging to the basement bear a satisfying contrast to the delicacy of Toth’s petals and the frailty of her twigs. The space becomes a juxtaposition of solidity and fragility, a contrast in rigidity and delicacy.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is Toth’s floral sculpture. Dominating the central space of the exhibition, the triangular form commands to be admired. Flanked by twigs and wound in leaves and petals, the structure looks as if it has been taken off the set of Midsommar, and instead placed in a Brightonian glasses shop.

Viewers can also take copies of Toth’s photography home too; prints of her work are available on a table in the exhibition, and can be brought with a minimum donation of £3.

Toth’s view is optimistic, and the use of her flowers as her instruments of nature’s brevity invites her audiences to consider the theorisations of ageing, in a new and refreshing light.


Words and Photography Credits: Grace Sowerby and Lili Toth

Free Admission

Ollie Quinn Brighton, 42 Bond Street, BN1 1RD

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