DJ duo Sigma announce their UK ‘Untoutable Tour’ that’ll be in Brighton on March 10.

The DJ Duo Sigma have waged war on ticket touts with their announcement of an ‘Untoutable Tour’. Fed up with the pain caused by these career criminals to the music industry and to fans, the duo have collaborated with Yoti and Native to tackle touts. 

Reports from last year have shown the alarming scale of professional touting, with tickets constantly sold at highly inflated prices online. Research by FanFair Alliance reveals that the money diverted into the pockets of touts prevents fans from being able to afford their favourite act’s merchandise and continued attendance at shows.

Yoti have therefore developed a system to disable touts. The buyer creates a digital identity that is then assigned to their ticket. When that ticket is scanned on entry, a full colour photo appears that ensures the buyer is entering with their ticket. The photo is stored temporarily for twenty-four hours before being permanently deleted. 

Yoti CEO Robin Tombs says how “we’re excited for Sigma to take to the stage with our technology helping fans, artists and ticketing platforms stop touts in their tracks.”

Whilst Cam Edwards from Sigma highlights how this “put[s] the power in the hands of artists and their fans.”

Sigma will perform in Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Bristol and London on their tour. The DJ duo will be coming to Chalk, in Brighton, on March 10. To buy tickets, visit

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