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This Monday 2nd December, Komedia’s doors opened to Temples, a psychedelic rock band originating from Kettering, Northamptonshire. Having heard about their mesmerizing live performances and stellar reviews from All Points East festival, this gig was not to be missed.

Breaking onto the scene in 2012 with their first single Shelter Song, their talent and elated psychedelic sounds were praised immediately. Their latest album Hot Motion (2019) follows their acclaimed Sun Structures (2014) and Volcanoes (2017).

Upon entering the venue, I was greeted by the boisterous sounds of opening Punk act, Unexpected Gains. They produced some memorable riffs and melodies and set the tone well with their contagious energy. I caught up with them after the show and they mentioned that this was the 2nd time they had opened for Temples, the first time being six years ago. They further mentioned that the crowd was bigger then than now! Despite the reduction in audience members, Temples emerged. Their chic 70’s rock band look perfected to a T, and amidst bubbles of excitement the rumble of James Bagshaw’s guitar rung out leading to the start of their first song, ‘The Howl’. The gig being part of their album tour, (Hot Motion, 2019) most of their songs came from the self-proclaimed, darker sounds of their new music however, they still had time for some classics such as ‘Certainty’ (a personal favourite). Live synthetic sounds combined with general esoteric lyrics made for an eerie sounding, trip-inducing experience to the audience which, looking around, was being appreciated by every member.

I caught up with band members Thomas Walmsley (bass), Adam Smith (guitar) and Rens Ottink (drums) after the gig and joined them for a drink at The Mashtun. Chatting to Rens, a recent newcomer to the band, he highlighted his angst but ultimate excitedness at his new venture. The messages regarding their act and journey were those of motivation and exuberance. All in all, they presented themselves as very admirable, talented artists who clearly have time for fans (and a few drinks). Their show was memorable and permitted psychedelic rock music back into the audience’s minds.

Lead vocals and guitar: James Bagshaw

Lead Guitar: Adam Smith

Bassist: Thomas Walmsley

Drummer: Rens Ottink


Photo by Laura A-F.

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