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Brighton is a beautiful city that gives off many lovely vibes, but what is even more wonderful is the presence of green spaces that you can find. So, with that in mind, here is a list of beautiful green spaces that are worth visiting when you are in and around Brighton.

Stanmer Park is just a couple of minutes away from the University campus and it’s the perfect place to leave behind all the academic worries and enjoy the perks of the countryside. The park is perfect for picnics and for taking your furry friends for a nice long walk. If you are interested in wildlife, Stanmer is the home of foxes, badgers and deer. Worth a visit after spending hours in the library.

Preston Park is considered the largest urban park in Brighton and Hove and is situated between Patcham and Hangleton. It is easily accessible by taking the bus route 5 and 5A. Preston hosts some of the oldest elm trees in the world the ‘Preston Twins’. The park is usually used for events and concerts, so it is possible that during your time in Brighton you will end up enjoying the park.

Queen’s Park can be found on the route of the 23 if you are coming from uni and it can also be reached with the 1 or the 7 from the city centre by stopping at Park Street. The park offers a dog area and a dog free area that includes a big playground for children and a wildlife pond for nature lovers. This park truly suits everyone’s needs.

East Brighton Park is another gem that the city has to offer. Located just on top of Brighton Marina, the park is perfect for playing outdoors sports and having picnics. In addition, East Brighton Park leads to Sheepcote Valley which is a nature reserve part of the South Downs that offers beautiful trails for your hiking needs.

Devil’s Dyke, called that way after folkloristic stories that described the 100 m deep V-shaped valley as the work of the Devil who wanted to allow the sea to flood the churches of Sussex, is the perfect destination if you are looking for a day trip. This incredible valley in the South Downs offers beautiful views and fresh air for everyone.

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