Between academic years, many Sussex students find themselves meandering around Brighton: some working, some not. But why just meander when Brighton has so many stimulating cultural hubs to explore? Take, for example, the Gallery Fabrica who all throughout summer are offering a unique way to get creative with their Putting Ourselves In The Picture project.

Everyone is welcome at Fabrica’s accessible artist studio in which people of all backgrounds are able to produce some artwork. This studio will be paired with a temporary gallery in which some of the art created within this project can be highlighted for the public to see.

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This unique project was created with one question in mind: “who gets to create art and whose work is selected and therefore validated for public view?”

Historically, art has often been deemed elitist and unreachable. By opening their studios to everyone Fabrica aim to remove the elitism that defines the public’s consumption of art. Instead, Fabrica’s creative space is able to supply the public with art and artist that can shape our society beyond what’s been traditionally valued.

Their project also provides in-studio activities led by hugely created and technically very different artists: Annis Joslin, Jo Offer and Sara Dare. These activities hope to showcase new ways to channel creativity and will be accessible to people with various intellectual and physical capacities as well as those who want to create solo or as part of a group.

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So, if you find yourself wanting to get creative this summer – just drop in and be a part of Fabrica’s creative experiment!


Find this experiment at:

Fabrica, 40 Duke Street, Brighton, UK, BN1 1AG

Opening Times:

13th July to 26th August

Wednesday to Saturday: 1 – 6pm

Sundays & Bank Holidays: 2 – 6pm


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Image Credits: Fabrica Gallery

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