The Brighton Jazz scene has never been more alive. Pattern’s Jazz Club constantly brings some of the best underground names in the business, and it doesn’t stop there, frequently affiliating itself with Brighton Dome and UK festival Love Supreme alumni.

At the beginning of April, the club welcomes the adept multi-instrumentalist Ed “Tenderlonious” Cawthorne, along with his new project: The Ruby Rushton Quartet. Filled with fantastic musicians and skilled improvisers, they release their long awaited album Ironside in April. The album is set be influenced by jazz legends such as Coltrane and Weather Report, while also incorporating elements of afrobeats, hip-hop, jungle, and house. Their new single “Eleven Grapes” is available online and illustrates how Ruby Rushton promises to continue pressing boundaries.

The club itself is one of the best intimate Jazz venues in Brighton, and a personal favourite of mine. The space has a unique relationship between audience and band, meaning that one truly feels every note. This is complemented by great acoustics, a fantastic taste in up-and-coming jazz and a friendly atmosphere, causing every show to feel electric. Tenderlonious’ Ruby Rushton will be no exception to that. They come to Brighton on April 4th and Ironside is slated for April 5th. Tickets are £8 and doors open at 7pm.     


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