With the Attenborough Centre right on our doorstep, we are lucky to to have access to year-round, contemporary performances and events. In support of this, I thought that I would compile a list of events to show what The ACCA has on offer for you.

‘Pay as you feel’

12th Feb: Performance: Jaha Koo: Cuckoo

– Pay What You Decide

– 8 pm start

Representation and Debates

13th Feb: Film – Queerama

– Tickets: Standard £7 / Concessions £5

– 5 pm start

21st Feb: The Exchange – Can Veganism Save The Planet?

– Tickets: Standard £5 / Concessions £3

– 6 pm

Supports  social and academic groups within our university

23rd Feb: Campus Community: Inter-University Pole Dance Championships

Tickets: Standard £5

– 10 am – 6 pm

Offers something different

6th March: Campus Community: Distant Voices, Living Music – Hearing the Past and

Writing The Present

– Tickets: Free

– 6 pm – 7 pm

Fortnightly, inclusive film viewing opportunities

10th March: Cinema Club: ews From Home (Chantal Akerman)

– Tickets: Standard £7 / Concessions £5

– 4 pm

Hosts concerts and performances right on our door-step

9th April: Performance: Chris Thorpe – Status

– Tickets: Standard £12 / Concessions £10

– 8 pm

10th April: Discussion & Debate – Six Degrees at Sussex: With Sara Pascoe and Cariad


– Tickets: Standard £10 / Concessions £8

– 7 pm

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Rachael Naylor

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