The rise of female independence can be experienced in many ways, one of which being able to travel solo. With travel being more accessible and affordable there are young girls taking the opportunity to explore the world by themselves. Often girls aged 18-35 years old are most likely to go abroad for a range of activities varying from educational opportunities to wanderlust or career goals. An interconnected world through technology, social media and more has contributed to this rise.

There has been a noticeable rise in interest in female solo travel with travel companies like  VBT Bicycling and Walking Vacations.  60 percent of their customers are women, which shatters stereotypes of outdoor activities being restricted to men and ideas of travel being off-limits to women. Communication also being vital to travel means that it isn’t a surprise that a lot of women seek advice and inspiration from online explaining the spike in female members for solo travel groups on social media sites.

The mains question is: what has contributed to the rise in female travellers?

Social and cultural changes

Especially in the West the role of a woman in society has changed in the last century, no longer is it necessary to be tied to perform the duties of a respectable housewife. Nowadays despite your educational, professional or marriage status there is no direct impact on your life of exploration. Therefore, you can pursue your life of wanderlust as you see fit.

Social media

Joining social media sites that have content catered to female solo travellers not only provides you with picturesque photography and words of encouragement, but helps you to create ties with other like-minded individuals. Making friendships internationally can make travelling a lot easier, however it is important to take caution when communicating with strangers online.

Education and Career

Opportunities given by universities such as study abroad and many more help young students to take the leap in exploring other countries for an extended period of time with the comfort of being a part of a legitimate programme. Similarly interest in travelling may also come with seeking job opportunities abroad whether that’s teaching English or becoming a blogger – the opportunities are endless.

Comfort and affordability

Safety is the utmost important aspect of travelling and for many young women, especially for those whose parents may feel uneasy with them jetting off to other side of the Atlantic. Not only this, but it is accompanied with the financial pressures of travelling as you would prefer your time abroad to be comfortable and within budget. Thankfully, female hostels or female-only dorms provide this opportunity for women to feel safe without having the extra expenses of booking a hotel.

There are still dangers encountered whilst travelling solo, the best way to handle this is by planning ahead and having deeper knowledge of the country you are visiting whether that’s to do with clothing or having a companion, its best to respect and be aware of other cultural norms, as well as being vigilant of your surroundings. Overall travelling solo is fun, immersive and a valuable experience which more and more women are discovering by for themselves.

For those of you thinking about dipping away this coming Easter break, why not get inspired by Kayak’s ‘8 of the safest destinations each first-time traveller should know’, by Sakhita Sharma.

Be inspired and keep traveling

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