Dusky Grey


Starting the list with the most pop-like duo, Dusky Grey released their first EP ‘Told Me’ in 2016, and thus are relatively new to the music industry. Being so fresh to the industry hasn’t stopped them from amassing a huge 338K monthly listeners on Spotify, and beginning their first UK tour in November 2018, which I sadly didn’t go to. Apparently inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran, twenty one pilots and Bob Marley, they’ve created their own brand of pop music which feels like a breath of fresh air to a possibly over-saturated industry.

Dermot Kennedy

If anyone knows of Frank Turner or Mumford and Sons, whom Dermot Kennedy has been linked to an angry version of by some fans on Twitter, they’ll get along great with Dermot Kennedy’s music. Contrary to these opinions, I believe he’s more passionate than aggressive and is quickly becoming one of my favourite artists, there’s no doubt he creates the type of loud, dynamic songs which I can’t help but sing to myself as loud as possible, although I wouldn’t recommend this in public. I’d recommend him to anyone, whether you’re a pop fan or an indie fan, in my mind, he provides an excellent bridge between the two genres.


Highasakite (credit Stian Andersen) low res
Photo By Stian Andersen

Highasakite are a quirky Norwegian group with a unique sound which mixes indie pop and indie rock, creating something that I haven’t heard anything similar to before and can’t get enough of. They have a range of slower, quieter songs like ‘I Call B*****t’ and ‘Hiroshima’, while still having much louder, more rock-esque songs like ‘Someone Who’ll get it’. Although they’re definitely an acquired taste, I’d still recommend to anyone.


Similar to artists like Lorde, Billie Eilish, Paloma Faith and Florence + The Machine, Laura is most famous for her roles in Glee and Dear Evan Hansen. Thus having many songs to her name, she has finally released her debut single under pseudonym ‘Loladre’ entitled ‘Be Great’. I find this perfect for so many situations, constantly finding myself skipping songs to get to it and can’t wait for more songs from her. She’s also starring in an upcoming Netflix show ‘The Politician’ which, as an avid Netflix viewer myself, makes her even better.

Tom Misch


Although he’s not as unheard of as others on this list, multi-instrumentalist Tom Misch isn’t necessarily just a singer. Releasing his first studio album only in 2017, he focuses mainly on his hip hop/ jazz/ disco instrumentation. He doesn’t sing much, sticking to composing, on his first album ‘Beat Tapes 2’ however, takes on a much larger singing role in his newest album ‘Geography’, from which I highly recommend ‘Movie’, ‘Man Like You & ‘South of The River’.

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