Brighton’s up and coming artists Roma Palace are breaking into the scene on the South Coast with their debut single, ‘Tell Me’.

The trio of best friends consists of David Ngochinya on drums, Craig Glynn on bass, and Pol Mira on vocals and guitar. Their sound is hugely influenced by a blend of blues and pop music from John Mayer and Phoenix to fresher artists like Blossoms and Sundara Karma.

Their debut single, ‘Tell Me’ hones in the groove of 80s pop music making you want to dance along. Glynn’s bassline eases you into the track before Mira’s melodic guitar riff explodes into the chorus fully captivating the dancefloor feeling they were going for.

The lyrical content fills in the gap of our modern, Instagram-culture with the lyric ‘Tell me what you want me to be’ with external pressures telling you to live a certain way as a way whilst seeking an external acceptance and validation.

The instrumental breakdown at the end weaves all the components together completing the song and sealing in the trio’s diverse style.

Whilst this is just the start of a new journey with this band, it seems like exciting things are coming their way.

‘Tell Me’ is out now and available to listen to on all streaming platforms.

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