Nothing feels more Christmassy than curling up in front of a cheesy Christmas film, with a mug of hot chocolate, on a wintery December evening. However, some of the most popular Christmas classics were originally books, meaning all the book lovers out there can experience their favourite Christmas films from a whole new perspective. Not only is this list perfect for those cosy nights in, but they would also make for a festive Christmas present.

A Miracle on 34th Street
This classic is a well-loved staple around Christmas time. It’s endearing, magical and sends a heart-warming Christmas message. The novella is a simple story, originally written by Valentine Davies as a screenplay and then translated into book form. The narrative is both fast-paced and plot-driven, making for an exciting read. Although aimed at a younger audience, it’s nostalgic and short enough to be a quick festive read that’s witty enough to persuade anyone that Santa Claus might in fact be real…

Harry Potter
Although this may not be an obvious choice, each of the Harry Potter books follows Harry through his school year at Hogwarts, so the Christmas holidays are always featured. The magic, mystery and the messages of kindness and friendship that fill J.K. Rowling’s books create a Christmassy tone, whether Harry’s celebrating the Yule Ball or at the Burrow with the Weasley’s. They’re also a perfect re-read for anyone wishing to step back into their childhood and remember the excitement of the Christmas season.

The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
There’s a lot of hype around the Nutcracker this year following the release of the new Disney adaptation. Although the new film has the new title, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, it’s still strongly reminiscent of the original ‘Mouse King’ story. Written by E. F. Hoffman in 1816, it follows a young girl called Marie (the protagonist’s name has been changed to Clara in recent adaptations) after her favourite toy nutcracker comes to life. Hoffman was also an author of horror, which comes through in this book, especially in illustrated versions. The evil mouse king, for example, has seven heads, something which is not widely depicted in the ballet or film versions. However, this is still a classic Christmas fairy tale definitely worth reading this year.

The Polar Express
This is an illustrated children’s book of the animated film and would make the perfect nostalgic Christmas read or present for young children. The Polar Express won the Caldecott Medal for illustration and follows a young boy who finds a train waiting outside his house on Christmas Eve. This written format loses none of the magic created by the animation in the film.

A Christmas Carol
Dickens always feels like a winter-time author, most notably for his book, A Christmas Carol. There have been countless movie adaptations of this classic and whether your favourite is the Muppets version, the 1983 Disney version or the 2017 version, The Man Who Invented Christmas, they’re all based on this one famous novel. We follow Scrooge, a joyless, uncharitable man who only thinks of his own pocket, as he’s visited by three ghosts wishing to spread the message of the Christmas season. With the book being full of haunting imagery and packed with the harsh realities of poverty, it’s undoubtedly a Christmas book that carries a moral punch.

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