Tis the season, to indulge in some incredible drag performances! Iconic queens spanning many series of RuPaul’s Drag Race will grace the Brighton Dome on December 3 with a show that’ll hype you up for Christmas.

This festive comedy-musical show hosted by Season 8 winner Bob The Drag Queen stars Asia O’Hara and Kameron Michaels who I’ve been able to interview via email as well as their Season 10 sisters Blair St Clair and Eureka O’Hara.

The show also stars Season 4 winner Sharon Needles and Season 3 finalist and All Stars 1 competitor Manila Luzon who is going to grace our screens yet again in the upcoming All Stars 4 this December.

The show will not only be the perfect start to the holiday season but it highlights the international popularity of drag in modern culture. It’s incredible that society has embraced drag to the extent that drag queens can now tour the world to crowds of hundreds of loyal, dedicated fans.

So, make sure you join the queens at their December 3 show at the Brighton Dome to celebrate the juletide which will be filled to the brim with incredible drag talents.

VH1 will be airing both the RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular – which sees  Eureka O’Hara and many of her sisters return to compete for the title of Christmas Queen – and then the much anticipated All Stars 4.


So, to start off, your lives have clearly changed significantly since being finalists on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, what have been the highlights of the constant traveling and the accumulating of thousands of new fans? Any fun stories about your fellow Christmas Queens?

Asia O’Hara: The accumulation of all those airline miles! But it’s been amazing getting to share my art and story with everyone.

Kameron Michaels: Yes, I went from keeping to myself to now having full conversations with strangers, it has definitely helped me get out of my shell and change my world. Now on my fellow queens, we never kiss and tell.

Nowadays, drag is becoming a lot more accessible but for many purely through the internet. Drag Race fans especially are known for being very active online, and often this can be quite hateful, how do you handle this scrutiny? How would you propose we cultivate a healthier community online?

AO: It was a learning experience, I’ve had people tell me they want to burn me alive on social media. But it helped me learn to enjoy all of the wonderful things I have in my life. I think at the end of the day people need to remember we’re human.

KM: I think what is hard is people don’t always understand you, I am a quiet person. That’s who I am. I would say besides scrutiny I get a lot of “thirst” messages. My proposition for better social media is just take a break from it every now and then. Trust. It makes a difference.

The All Stars 4 cast has recently been announced with certain revealed queens getting negative feedback and scrutiny. Considering this scrutiny, would you be willing to go back into the limelight and compete in a future All Stars season? If so, what would you want to change/expand on from your first time competing?


KM: You know I am not sure, I’m so proud of what I did on my season and what I accomplished. So I don’t know at this time.

Season 10 is regarded as one of the best seasons of the show so far, so congratulations on that! One of the reasons that myself and many other fans enjoyed it was because it features important discussions, specifically on race.

Considering the current political climates in both the US and here in the UK, how can we approach this issue and make a difference as members of the LGBTQ+ community?

AO: Love, love is the answer to all. Love yourself, love your friends, love different walks of life.

KM: If we all stop judging each other and being negative it can really change a perspective.

In your ‘American’ verses, the top 4 song on Drag Race Season 10, you both touch on very important emotions and ideas that I’d like to discuss:

Asia you sing the line “Her quest to find brightness in through her darkest day”. What advice would you have for people struggling with bad times at the moment?

AO: That with friends and love it will pass. Don’t forget it, grow from it. An experience happened to me when I was younger and I tried to pretend it never happened. However, the pot always bubbles over. But I have this to say to anyone, you are strong and you can do it. Remember that.

Kameron in your verse you sing “I had big old dreams, bigger than my small town”. Any advice for people trying to follow their dreams even when the world is pushing them away from those dreams?

KM: Never stop being who you are. The moment you try to follow to fit in you lose what makes you special.

We’re approaching the holiday season which for many is a tough time so as Christmas Queens do you have any words of wisdom for young LGBTQ+ people facing hardships surrounding coming out, being themselves or less than welcoming families?

AO: You have a bigger family than you know or realize.

KM: I agree with Asia on this, you have more family than you know, and you are loved.

I personally cannot wait to see you both perform with your sisters. In Brighton, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by such fierce drag talent (for example see interviews with Sussex’s Drag Society, Novympia & Alfie Ordinary + Baby) so I want to ask why you think people should embrace drag culture and come to see Christmas Queens?

AO: Because it’s one hell of a good time. Nothing will get you in the holiday spit then queens singing some holiday classics!

KM: Embrace it because it is the now. Plus, who doesn’t love something that brings everyone together.


Join the queens this December with tickets available at:


And find the Christmas Queens 4 album on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming services

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