This coming week marks the celebration of Libraries Week, an event solely dedicated to praising the work of libraries across the UK.

This annual event is taking place from 8 until 13 October, with this year’s focus being on wellbeing. Many libraries are coming together to show their success in bringing their community together, providing a positive atmosphere where people can read, write and enjoy the facilities on offer.

Taking place in partnership with some of the incredible literature foundations and organisations across the country, including Libraries Connected and The Reading Agency, this event is a brilliant opportunity to bring your love of literature back into the community.

This year, the University of Sussex are getting involved with Libraries Week, hosting their own events to highlight the importance of the library in Sussex students’ studies. Not only do the library provide students with a wide range of books and quiet study spaces, but they also have the Careers and Employability Centre and Library Cafe, designed to support students during their time at Sussex.

On Monday and Tuesday, Sussex are hosting Children’s Rhyme and Story Time from 3:00 until 4:00 in the Family Room, publicising the work of the on-campus childcare facilities. This event both gives the children the opportunity to have a fun afternoon out, as well as emphasising to parents the resources available to families on site at the University.

In Library Cafe, there will be a Board Games Cafe opening from 2:00 until 4:00 on Wednesday. As Library Cafe is a popular hub for students to get lunch, meet friends and grab a coffee, it is the perfect location to host such an event. Similarly, it gives the library a chance to host an event under their own roof, giving students an enjoyable distraction from their studies as the stress of deadlines may begin to pile up.

Directly related to the theme of wellbeing, Sussex will also be hosting Morning Mindfulness on Thursday and Friday from 11:00 until 11:45 in the Training and Viewing Room. Providing attendees with an opportunity to learn mindfulness techniques is the perfect event to host at the University, as  it teaches students valuable methods to prevent stress from becoming an overwhelming problem, instead ensuring they get the most out of University life.

Lastly, Friday will be jam-packed with activities as alongside the mindfulness session, there will be a Public Libraries Pop Up from 11:30 until 3:00 in the Open Learning Space. This closing event sums up the purpose of Libraries Week, that is numerous libraries coming together to host exciting events in support of this year’s theme, wellbeing.

The University of Sussex have many opportunities on offer across this coming week, hopefully achieving the aim of supporting their students, as well as giving new students the chance to get involved with on-campus activities. With the focus of Libraries Week being on wellbeing, it is the perfect chance to ensure you are doing the most you can to support yourself during your time at University.

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