The Globe, the Students’ Union venue in the centre of Brighton, is to close on 17th March.

The pub is currently owned by the Laine Pub Company and leased to the Union. However, the Laine Pub Company has decided to sell the venue, meaning the Union’s tenancy at the Globe will come to an end.

Staff who work at The Globe will be transferred to other Union outlets, or could be employed by the new owners. Student events already scheduled to be held at The Globe after 17th March will be moved to other venues, whether on campus or in town.

The Globe’s closure, along with the shutting down of East Slope bar at the end of the academic year, means that two of the Union’s five bar outlets will have shut this year. The Union has promised that the remaining outlets – Falmer Bar, Northfield (to be opened shortly) and the Sports Clubhouse – will be improved and expanded in time for the new academic year. Falmer Bar will be aiming to extend its late night license and open seven days a week.

Responding to concerns about staff employed at The Globe and society events planned there, Frida Gustafsson, Students’ Union President, said ‘we’ll obviously be making sure we fulfil our contractual obligations to our staff from The Globe and look forward to welcoming them to our campus bars. We’d love to host society and student events at our campus venues and are always happy to help students find suitable venues and ensure their events are successful.’

She also stated that the Union is ‘sad to have to say goodbye to two of our venues this year, in both cases due to circumstances beyond our control. We’ll be focusing on our campus venues – expanding what’s on offer at Falmer Bar, continuing to develop the Clubhouse and launching our new space at Northfield. I’m very excited about our expansion in these venues, and will make sure to talk to students as we progress on this.’

During The Globe’s last trading week, beginning 12th March, a series of events will be held to mark the closure of the pub as a Students’ Union venue.

Image credit: Chris Whippet

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