This April the University of Sussex Students’ Union will be hosting the first Sussex Cup. The Cup has been organised to replace the annual varsity games that were canceled in 2017 after an eruption of violent conflict amongst spectators during a rugby match. The event will bring together the recently graduated Sussex Sports alumni and current Sussex students in an inter-university tournament.

The previous Captain or President of each sports club will become the Captain of the Alumni team, it is their responsibility to organise a team who will play the current Sussex team. If the previous Captain or President is still a Sussex student, it is down to the club to find another suitable ex-student. There are currently 21 sports societies participating. The Cup will finish with a BBQ at East Slope and a party in town after to celebrate the games.

Activities Officer Lucy Williams told The Badger: “Varsity was on my Manifesto, but between the time that I wrote it, was elected and actually started my job, varsity 2017 happened and I’m sure everyone knows the situation. I still felt like it was important that sports students at Sussex had a celebration of their achievements as the vast majority of students involved with Varsity last year did not contribute to any violence or poor behaviour. The whole idea of the Cup is that it’s very much about sports students. This event is giving back to sports students and its a celebration about them and their activities.

When asked about how the University will deal with potential violent conflict at the Sussex Cup, Lucy commented: “This event is for the freshers who joined sports clubs in their first year of university who are being rejoined with older years, so this is more of a reunion rather than a tribalistic competitive sports event. Loads of people have tagged their friends on the FB event and there is an aura of familiarity and friendliness rather than competition and rivalry.”
More information about the Cup can be found on the Facebook event.
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