From the 18th December onwards, roughly 100 trees are to be felled from the Science car park and the East Slope area. The removal is connected to the new East Slope development and the construction of a new science building.

According to the University, “Each tree identified for removal has been assessed by an arboriculturist, and as few as 15 are considered mature or having significant remaining life expectancy. None of the trees to be removed are subject to preservation orders.”

A University of Sussex staff member told The Badger: “I think this is a dreadful shame.”

However, the University said that: “Many new trees are due to be planted”.

During the removal (up until the 23rd of December), East Slope car park, most of the Science car park and part of Estates Road will be closed to vehicles.

In order to minimise disruption, drivers have been encouraged to use alternative car parks such as those located at The Sports Centre, Lewes Court and Park Village. The University has also encouraged staff and students to avoid travelling to campus by car and use alternative modes of transport such as cycling or travelling to campus by bus or train.

Pedestrian routes will be maintained but pedestrians are advised to observe temporary diversions, signs and barriers. Access to emergency services, deliveries and refuse collectors will be assured.

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