With Sexy, Vanessa Kisuule arrives at the Brighton Dome ready to ask some probing questions; what do you find sexy, are you sexy, and what does sexy even mean anyway?

Through poetry, comedy and dance Kisuule explores these questions and unpicks our troubled relationships with our bodies and sexuality. From her position as a young woman of colour, she uses her cutting verse to pull the patriarchy apart at its seams, highlighting our seemingly unending obsession with sex. Expect wit, honesty, and various states of undress.

Kisuule’s performance looks at the contradictions of sex in contemporary society; she says ‘we simultaneously teach women to constantly think about sex (and whether people want to have sex with us or not) and yet demonise women who openly enjoy it or make money from it.’ Sexy illustrates how society fluctuates between ‘pornographic obsession and residual Victorian prudishness.’ It hopes to teach its audience that their bodies are their own. As Kisuule remarks ‘when people carry themselves with this knowledge, sexiness can truly become the multi-faceted, gooey, intangible and brilliant beast I know it can and should be.’

It’s set to be a night of feminist critique – but not without excitement. Kisuule wants her audience ‘to have some goddamn fun with their bodies and their sexuality – yes, it’s important to be incisive and critical but I also hope the show has an underlying sense of release to it.’

Kisuule is a poet, performer and burlesque artist based in Bristol. She has won a number of poetry slams, as well as representing the UK at slam competitions across the world. Kisuule’s work has been featured on Radio Four and The Guardian, whilst she has also performed at festivals and venues across the country, including Glastonbury, The Royal Albert Hall and the British Library. Sexy, her first solo show, was developed with support from Arts Council England, Camden People’s Theatre and Bristol Old Vic Ferment.

Sexy will be performed on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November in The Basement at Brighton Dome at 7.30pm. Friday’s performance is followed by a post-show discussion, for which tickets are available separately.

Tickets: £12 standard/£10 concessions (including full time students)

Image Credit: Vanessa Kisuule

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