A remake of the 1980s television series Fame, which was also made into a 2009 feature film, is now being performed by the BTG (Brighton Theatre Group) Youth live at The Old Market. The performance promises to be full of life, and will depict the struggles of young artists and performers. This musical performance shows the various struggles that high school students face, including biases, drug abuse, and the fears of coming of age.

The show originally depicted how one grapples with fame, or the pursuit of fame at a young age, as it follows a group of students from their first day of high school all the way to their graduation – from 1980 to 1984. The BTG will take us to the world of musicians, dancers and actors as they pave their names in the world of entertainment.

This performance may take us back in time, however, the theme has not lost its relevance today as many young artists take on the task of being remembered for their talents more seriously than before. The musical itself promises to be exciting, and full of energetic, unforgettable performances.

Fame is showing at The Old Market at the following times:

Tuesday 17 October – Saturday 21 October at 7:30pm (Doors 6:45pm)

Thursday 19 October at 2:30pm (Doors 1:45pm)

Saturday 21 October at 2:3pm (Doors 1:45pm)

Tickets : From £12.50 standard/£10 concessions (including students)

Featured Image: The Old Market

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