Published in 1954 and now firmly cemented as one of the nation’s favourite classics, William Golding’s novel about the plight of young schoolboys stranded on a remote island, forced to survive by any means necessary, is as dark and unsparing today as it was half a century ago. The boys are the only survivors of a plane crash, but how long will they last? By day, the island is a utopia, free from the imposed rule of adult society. But by night, and as the story progresses, the island becomes terrifying, dark and violent. This is a story of the conflicting human impulses of civilisation versus savagery, rational versus emotional reactions, a thirst for power as well as survival, and the loss of innocence due to lurking, innate human evil. In a world increasingly governed by fear and supremacy, Lord of the Flies is becoming altogether too pressing and relevant.

Commissioned at the eleventh hour after local company Brief Hiatus were forced to cancel its production of Animal Farm, this stage adaptation of Golding’s classic promises to thrill audiences for the duration of its week long run. Brighton Open Air Theatre, which opened in 2015, is the perfect location for this piece of theatre. Open to the elements (forecasts suggest we’re in for a shower or two) and with the sun setting during the performance, this production is sure to be immersive and evocative, transporting the audience from the relative tranquillity of an evening in Hove into the turbulent lives of these ill-fated schoolboys.

With direction by James Weisz, former artistic director of the independent Emporium theatre on London Road and casting by Brighton-based Natalie Sexton Associates, this performance is very much a local endeavour. The cast, comprised of performers from award-winning Tanushka Marah’s Young Windmill Actors and the home-grown Young Actors Group, are sure to delight.

Brighton Open Air Theatre happily welcomes its patrons to bring their own refreshments, should they wish: so wrap up warm, don a rain coat, bring along a bottle of your favourite tipple, and watch as Golding’s classic pours from the page onto the stage.


Wednesday 13th September at 7pm

Thursday 14th September at 7pm

Friday 15th September at 7pm

Saturday 16th September at 2pm and 7pm


Full price £12

Concession £10

Recommended for 12+

Featured image: Brighton Open Air Theatre press release

Edit: The Wednesday evening performance has unfortunately been cancelled due to incredibly strong winds.

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