BREAKING: This afternoon, the leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn came to campus to meet with students and staff at the University of Sussex.

Part of the Jubilee building was sectioned off earlier today with a number of security staff present to redirect students. The Labour leader has met with Vice Chancellor Adam Tickell and Students’ Union President Frida Gustafsson amongst others.

Part of the visit included Corbyn attending a meeting on widening access to higher education for students from less privileged backgrounds. He attended the meeting alongside Jo Platt, Member of Parliament for the Leigh constituency in Greater Manchester.

The meeting was also attended by students and graduates who have qualified for the university’s First Generation Scholarship Scheme, entitling them to economic support as well as networking and career enhancing opportunities. The students discussed their experience with the scheme, some of whom were able to undergo paid summer internships as a result in both the UK and in China.

Corbyn and Platt expressed their support and enthusiasm for the scheme’s attempts at helping young people access university education.

More to follow.

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BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn visits University of Sussex

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