Alas fair readers, as this is the last printed edition of The Badger I thought it would be apt to look ahead to the summer of sport whilst we are not in print.

Starting with my personal favourite, golf, the US Masters starts this coming weekend as the season of golfing majors begins. Its always hard to predict who will win the coveted Green Jacket come Sunday evening, but with Dustin Johnson looking in ominous form ahead of the event, it would be hard not to put your money on him if you’re the betting kind. European interest, as always, will come from the irons of Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlory and Sweden’s Henrik Stenson who, whilst not currently riding a wave of form, always have the ability go low at Augusta. Should McIlroy win this weekend, he’ll have completed the Career Grand Slam of golf’s majors and become just the fifth golfer in history to complete the highly sought-after feat.

Moving on to F1, which started its 2017 season last weekend in Australia, it seems a tighter battle will be fought out throughout the summer for both the Drivers’ and Constructors’ championships handed out in November. Sebastian Vettel’s victory in Melbourne saw in a new era for F1, one that has been cautiously praised by pundits. New cars, new regulations and new drivers have all led to an altogether faster and more stimulating spectacle for F1 fans and drivers alike who, for half a decade now, have been partaking in a mismanaged display of motorsport.

In an odd year, both in the sense of number and in its most literal sense, major events like the Olympics, Football World Cup and European Championships are not on the cards for this summer. However, the cricketing world is doing its bit to create a sense of worldwide competition as the ICC Champions Trophy comes to England in June and July. The 50 over-a-side tournament will see cricket’s top eight international teams come together in a somewhat epic one-day battle. England, with home advantage, look in good shape ahead of the competition after a confident away win in the West Indies in March and a young, inform team who only just missed out on the World T20 in 2016.

Away from the international sphere, the Indian Premier League, the stellar domestic T20 tournament begins in April. Expect big hitting and close competition in what is widely regarded as the most luxurious domestic version of the shortest format of the cricketing game.

More importantly, sport here at Sussex will rampage on through the remainder of the Spring Term. Look out for all our sports teams as the latter half of their seasons commence and national championships, local games and end of year socials take place. After the sporting, not necessarily ethical, success of Varsity, do go out and support our teams as the weather gets better and the days get lighter.

English national teams may continue to disappoint as the public puts their hope and money into the eventual failure as teams here at Sussex continue to enjoy regular success. So this year I leave you with plea to actively support and appreciate the success and talent we have right here on campus.

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