It’s been a pleasure to see your work, and get to know you every week. You guys have been an endless source of inspiration and motivation for me. Your beautiful passions have taught me to push my limits, and keep trying to get better at what I do. I would never have gotten the courage to show my photographs on a newspaper if it wasn’t for you. And for that I will forever be thankful.

It was very difficult for me to get the perfect selection of photos to describe how fun the past three years have been. Walking to the Badger’s office for the last tie on this sunny day, surrounded by the smell of freshly cut grass inevitably took me back to my first weeks here. I remembered being a fresher and hearing third years endlessly telling me I had no idea where this adventure would take me and how much fun I was about the have. How could I take them seriously when I was already having the time of my life, and thinking that my style and attitude were as cool as they could ever be. Unfortunately the truth is that they were completely right, not only was I so much more lame than I though but I also didn’t have a clue about my future at Sussex.

I finally came to the conclusion that the memories I wanted to have on print were the many times I have spent chilling on the sea front. As many of you will know, Brighton beach is an endless source of great photography, partly due to the many great moments shared with your mates. I don’t know about my fellow third years but I am seriously planning to spend most of my (little) free time sun bathing in that place that makes Brighton what it is : the coolest student town on earth.

I hope that The Street has been as inspiring for you as it has been for me, and I trust you guys to carr on sharing your passion and keep your many talents on point during the years to follow.

Au revoir and merci !



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