Sherwin Wong, 3rd year studying Media Practice.



Sherwin has been experimenting with photography for the past seven year, and has found himself getting particularly interested in film photography. Finding inspiration in his social interactions and in the landscapes surrounding him, Sherwin does not go anywhere without his camera and likes to let his emotions direct his work.

After graduating Sherwin would like to find a place to exhibit his own work. I personally cannot wait to see where this photographic journey will take him, I am sure it will be brilliant.

This project called The Pier is about an artist and a student mourning these amazing three years spent here in Brighton. It is about third years learning to enjoy the last few months they have left here, despite the tremendous amount of work lying on their shoulders. It is always a pleasure to feature Sherwin’s work because he inspires me to disconnect — even for a brief moment — and enjoy being young, creative and 5 minutes away from the seafront.

Barbecue season is coming guys, I’ll see you at the beach !

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