Change has been made available at the 24 hour reception at York House after two students campaigned for more cash facilities on campus.

The new service at York House was implemented last month after 24 hour money was already available at the Porter’s Office at Stanmer Court, as well as throughout the day at the Park Village and Northfield launderettes .

Kyle Farrell, one of the two students who campaigned for this, said: “I work on the on-campus Co-op and regularly saw students come in desperate for change for laundry.

Sometimes we could help and sometimes we couldn’t, so it made me think why hasn’t anyone made the effort to at least address this?”

The two students asked for this change via the Students’ Union and SEF’s ‘Hype’ project, which asked students what they would alter about campus.

This project took place over three weeks between November 15 and 6 December in the form of an online forum and gave both students and staff the opportunity to share their ideas on improving campus facilities.

Mr Farrell said: “I’m glad the change has been made, students now don’t have to wait for ages to get change in Co-op, we don’t run out of change, and we will probably see a lot more cleaner students”.

By raising the issue with the Students’ Union, elected officers were able to talk to SEF and the University to agree the introduction of change at York House.

Student Union President Annie Pickering said: “I hope this new scheme saves students the hassle of searching for change when shops are closed on campus.”

The SEF evaluation team have committed to explore a number of ideas which came from a total of 28 submissions in more detail with a view to progressing them further.

These include on outdoor gym, parking enforcement of disabled bays and improved lighting and CCTV coverage of commonly used areas.

SEF is a partnership between support-services and construction company Interserve and the university, and took up its responsibility for facilities services at Sussex in January 2013.

They are responsible for providing all facilities services on campus: including cleaning, commissioning and managing minor and major works, fire safety services, grounds maintenance, laundrette, laundry, security, waste disposal and recycling amongst many other services.




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