Dear Badger,

Tony Blair strikes again, but at least these strikes are not lethal; tame almost, in comparison to the misery caused through the blood on his hands. Every time he raises his head above the pulpit and voices an opinion, the only thing that becomes increasingly obvious is his political impotence. I can’t even defend the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail writing stories about him, when he has spread so much of his own.

New Labour seems to be relying on old tricks. With Blair and Lord Mandelson still partying like it’s 1997 – things will only get better they said. It turns out Blair wants to intervene in modern politics, almost as if he wasn’t responsible for the existential crisis Labour is currently in, a quagmire of his creation. Labour will straggle on without him; his unpopularity with voters will only drag them down further. He has no mandate to lead public opinion; he has no mandate to guide anyone anywhere, ever.

He’s a dead end political nightmare, when he looks in the mirror he should see the legacy of a disenfranchised working class who have now turned to UKIP. His adherence to neoliberalism allowed for the Conservatives lies to be sucked up by those looking for answers, only to be presented by more of the same. When the fruits of our economic success should have been spread, he squandered it all on the city. He has no place in Britain’s politics; He’s a relic from a bygone age. The country has quite clearly moved on, and it’s about time Tony did, because it won’t be long until people start asking, Tony who?

The Blairite cronies trying to run the Labour party as some sort of deep party inside the party are doomed to fail. Their time has gone. They killed Labour. They took the once proud heritage of the left, of Labour, and muddied its name to the point of no return. It’s about time we had a party on the left that truly represents the people, one that challenges power, and Labour’s bedraggled corpse is not it and it certainly doesn’t need Blair’s opinion.


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