Antonios Kotsonias, 3rd year studying Media Practice.


Antonios is an amazing photographer studying here at Sussex. This series of images is part of a documentary called ‘PINK MIGRATION’ created in collaboration with two other Sussex students, Lucy Spencer-Davidson and Hang Zang.





Birds migrate to the south for their survival. They know where to go because they have an inbuilt instinct.
Unfortunately humans don’t have this instinct, so how can we be expected to know where to find safety?

Even though being able to express yourself is a basic human right, some countries forbid it, leading to migration.
An overlooked part of migration is the so called “pink migration” which involves individuals who face discrimination due to their sexuality or gender identity.
LGBT rights have improved massively in the last decades with influential countries like the USA and parts of Europe legalising gay marriage. But still, surprisingly over 79 nations class LGBT relations as highly punishable by law.

This documentary will show the process of our team seeking information in and around the city of Brighton concerning the issues of pink migrants. 



The documentary will soon be available at ! Stay tuned !

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