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This Sunday the Brighton Centre will play host to pop superstar, Jess Glynne. The artist’s career kicked off on a mild evening in 2003 after her parents returned home from a Jazz night in Soho clutching a CD. The signed copy was given to them by blossoming Amy Winehouse.

“I’d always loved the big pop vocals of Mariah, Beyoncé and Whitney, but hearing a woman’s voice that was basically a jazz vocal, so full of individuality? Then realising she was British and still a teenager? That was the moment I knew I wanted to be a singer too.”

The 24-year-old has a set of distinctive vocals with rich evocative instrumentation at the heart of her hugely successful tracks. Glynne partnered up with Clean Bandit to appear on their classical-dance smash hit ‘Rather Be’ that went to No.1. This was the highest-selling January release since 1996 with sales in the UK alone of over 600,000, thus earning platinum status.

Addressing her success, Glynne confessed: “I know that I’m one of a number of British girls to release this year. But I’m confident in who I am.

“What makes me different is my experiences, my personality, my songwriting. I’ve had different life experiences, like we all have, and all of that makes me who I am – me.”

A limited batch of tickets have just been released for her show on 27th November. Make sure you snap them up fast as they won’t hang around long.

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