Our Culture Editor, Rosie Seed, with help from Deputy Editor, Glenn Houlihan, put together a list of the eats and nights out to have in Btown during and after Freshers! 

The Office

With over 40 different gins, The Office is an obvious favourite of the numerous bars nestled in Brighton’s North Laines. The bar also serves authentic Thai food by nearby restaurant Krua Anne. If you fancy developing a slightly more expensive habit, try the Monkey 47.

The Lion and Lobster

Harbouring three bars, two gardens, and a restaurant, the sheer size and eccentricity of the Lion and Lobster is a reason alone to visit. Come midweek and experience as fine a dining experience as a student can hope for for little more than £10 a head, or if you’re lucky enough to get a table on a Sunday, try the roast that has been nominated as one of Brighton’s best.

Si Signore

Out of all the BYOB restaurants in Brighton, Si Signore is easily the most charming, and more importantly, the best for what you pay for. On week days there is a lunch special priced at £4.95, and their evening menu provides a whole host of pizzas, pastas, and risottos for under £10. Stop off at Aldi beforehand for a cheap date night.


When walking up North Street, don’t be tempted by the all-you-can-eat restaurants such as Casa Della Pizza and Bon Appetit. Instead, hold off until you reach Foodilic at the top and indulge in a healthy yet delicious £6.95 buffet complete with butternut squash salads, hearty stews, and spicy green beans.


Making London Road slightly less depressing since 2014 is Shuffle, a cocktail bar with over 100 recipes that even allows you to choose your own soundtrack via a smartphone jukebox. However, the best thing about Shuffle is that Monday-Wednesday, selected cocktails are 2-4-1 all evening. Don’t indulge the night before a 9am seminar.



Perhaps you have a Pryzm in a dingy suburb of your hometown. Perhaps more likely, is the fact that you’ve sworn you’ll never step foot in one. However, one Wednesday, you and your flatmates will consume enough alcohol to go “as a joke”, and everyone will find out about your secret Taylor Swift obsession in the cheese room.


Having cemented its reputation as the go-to place for massive gigs, Patterns also boasts an incredible late night programme; Horse Meat Disco continue their 2016 residency, whilst Thursday’s Midnight Funk Association is fast becoming the choice night out for Brighton’s music conscious denizens.

The Haunt

Somewhere around your 2nd night into freshers, it’s very likely that Fat Poppadaddys promoters will come knocking at your door. Famous for having almost every genre of music crammed onto the flyer, and a “5 (Jäger)Bombs for £5” deal that will potentially burn away a layer of your stomach lining, the resident Monday night at the Haunt always manages to have a queue down the street by 11pm.

Dead Wax Social

Host of The Music Glue House (journalist jargon for chill out spot) at this year’s Great Escape, Dead Wax Social’s blend of delicious pizza – made in front of your eager eyes – and excellent liquor ensured the festival’s PR were suitably sedated.. No CDs, no Spotify streams: just vinyl and great conversation.

The Hope and Ruin

With its location a mere minutes’ walk from the train station, The Hope and Ruin’s neon lights often attract inquisitive passing trade; and once they’re ensnared the convivial atmosphere can often mean that “one drink” runs into three or four. Gigs upstairs, food downstairs: it’s a match made in musical heaven.


Travel back to the easyspeak era with Casa’s luscious live jazz, complimented by its notably affordable drinks cabinet. Thursday’s Casa Jams have become a thing of urban legend, so meet at The Globe and amble over around midnight for a hedonistic night to remember.

Green Door Store

Home of Brighton’s hottest (in every sense) clubbing night, Donuts. Green Door Store also hosts an exceptional variety of gigs; swing by on Sunday night for (free!) blues, or check out their listings and catch that big band just before they break.

Sticky Mike’s

Discuss Brighton with a friend and Sticky Mike’s will enviably surface; after all, it’s a fitting microcosm of the city. The more punk orientated will appreciate their fine selection of gigs, whilst quizzes and DJ nights are the norm.

Concorde 2

Nestled on the beachfront – bring a jumper if you’re visiting in winter – Concorde 2 is a beacon of elation for those akin to indie-rock and electronica. Gigs before 11, big name DJs after; they make it look so easy.

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