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Together The People has carved out a niche in the often oversaturated festival scene by offering an excellent balance of child friendly activities – from rides to the wonders of Lazytown Live – and sentimental headliners, curating an authentic family-centric atmosphere. The Badger picks our favourite and the finest acts of what was a fabulous mix of local and international talent.

Brian Wilson

An undisputed musical genius, Brian Wilson was the creative mind behind The Beach Boy’s staggeringly influential ‘Pet Sounds’, which has been celebrated as a ground-breaking piece of art. The opportunity to see such a seminal work performed live had the entire festival buzzing from the moment the gates opened on Saturday, and the 12 strong band lived up to every ounce of expectation. Whilst Wilson himself took more pleasure from old school Beach Boys rock and roll numbers, he nonetheless breathed life into the stunning intricacy of ‘Pet Sounds’, offering an emotional tribute to what is considered by many the greatest record ever made.

The Horrors

The Horrors’ stylish, deliciously gothic aesthetic pushed them to the front of indie-pop culture in the mid 00’s, and the NME cover darlings demonstrated their eerie glory with an abnormally reticent set which polarised the audience. Half enthralled, half bemused, they watched on as lead vocalist Faris Badwan dominated the stage, tearing at his already ripped jet black clothes and wrapping blood red ribbon round the mic with delicate affection.

Material from their critically acclaimed second album ‘Primary Colours’ was thankfully aired, including the agonizing ‘Who Can Say’, featuring this slice of lyrical brilliance: “And when I told her, I didn’t love her anymore, she cried. And when I told her, her kisses were not like before, she cried. And when I told her another girl caught my eye, she cried. And I kissed her, with a kiss that could only mean goodbye.” Timeless.

The Island Club

BIMM graduates, The Island Club looked every inch a class act, with their superbly tight set imploring curious onlookers to gravitate towards the packed tent. Previous singles, ‘Paper Kiss’ and ‘Let Go’ were particularly refined, whilst new material awaiting release sounded equally as spellbinding. If they continue to generate the deserved hype, things may soon get bigger for the Brighton boys and there’s no question of whether they deserve it.


Britpop heroes Suede brought the festival to a fittingly euphoric close on Sunday night, with frontman Brett Anderson leaping around the stage in fits of passion; an iconic band coming through with an explosive performance. Asked to leave the stage after a noise complaint from nearby neighbours, they soon returned to deliver an elated encore, Anderson thanking the crowd for their rapturous reception and promising to return soon.


Local five-piece, MarthaGunn are a band carved for the big time and they proved exactly why with an early evening set fuelled by hits such as debut single ‘Heaven’ and upcoming material. New track ‘Honey, Let Me Know’ saw the group’s finest moment to date in what they declared to be their “first ever festival performance” and they completely aced it. Expect greater and bolder things from MarthaGunn in the future.

Fickle Friends

Brighton babes, Fickle Friends appeared entirely in their element over on Concorde 2’s New Bands Stage. The outfit jammed their set with every hit they’ve ever released and never let the energy drop for even a second. Their latest track ‘Cry Baby’ hit a distinctive high note and new material was warmly welcomes like an old pal. Watch out for Fickle Friends as they will soon be treading stages far bigger than the ones they are currently gracing.


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