Oscar has been fostering hype since his first single ‘Sometimes’ was released in 2014, and unlike many of the indie-pop starlets who peak and fizzle out in the blink of an eye, he has patiently nurtured and expanded his ingenuous output. This perseverance cumulated in the construction of his debut album, ‘Cut and Paste’, released by Wichita in May 2016 to widespread critical approval.

Oscar’s sound is best described as cultivated, a wonderful blend of the music he was immersed in whilst growing up. There’s traces of Britpop, hints of The Stroke’s polished garage rock, and – perhaps most intriguingly – a diffusion of 90’s hip-hop which adds a certain layer of nuance to his production.

A recent re-working of ‘Breaking My Phone’, featuring a sharp verse from GIRLI – “You play me like a game of monopoly”- epitomises this charming depth; the opening bassline would fit an indie-rock ballad, while the scuzzy chorus is perfectly juxtaposed to the harmonised verses.

The deceptive reggae influenced intro to ‘Good Things’ is followed by a rousing chorus, the two parts so separate they shouldn’t work in tandem, but somehow Oscar’s mellow voice pulls them together, creating a mesmerising synthesis of genres.

Catch him at Patterns to see his exploratory album aired live.

Tickets are available here: http://benothing.seetickets.com/event/oscar/patterns-ex-audio-/976353

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