Mention Julio Bashmore’s name to any house connoisseur and you’re certain to be met with a nod of solemn approval. After all, this is the man who reconfigured an entire genre in the late 00’s, carving himself a defining niche in the most oversaturated of markets.

It only takes the crackly opening of loop heavy ‘Footsteepin’ to fall under his indelible spell; give it another minute for the synth to kick in and the seduction is all but complete.

The Bristol based DJ abstained from the post-dubstep hysteria that was fuelling the city’s millennial clubbing scene, turning instead to the French electronica New Wave for inspiration. Looking backwards in a decidedly forward-thinking fashion, he combined elements of traditional garage and jungle into an electronic melange which radiates finesse.

2011’s ‘Batty Knee Dance’ EP was the culmination of this nuance, music fit to soundscape both underground clubs and university halls, high tempo without reverting to the in-your-face simplicity many of his contemporaries were knocking out on a daily basis.

Sweep forward into 2016 and Julio is still riding on the high of last year’s ‘Knockin’ Boots’, his first full album release. Packed with distinguished collaborations, including the speakeasy brilliance of ‘Holding On’, it showcases a producer at the top of his game; catching him at Patterns really should be rhetorical.

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