Whether you’re new to the University or a returning student there’s never been a better time to join a society than the start of a new year. Students at Sussex are fortunate enough to have many, varied societies in an easily accessible and welcoming environment. So if you’re looking to bond with like-minded people and expand your friendships out of your friends in halls, now is the perfect time to enhance your university experience.

   Sussex students have always been known for being a creative bunch and there’s a whole host of music-related societies on offer for you to join at this year’s Freshers’ Fair. Check out a few of our favourites to get you started.

   If you can play an instrument and you’re keen to join a group of musicians, Big Band is the society for you. The events band are comprised of musicians from both Brighton and Sussex universities and they play a number of events throughout the year, from balls to weddings and even private parties, the society have it covered.

   Auditions are held at the start of each year for passionate jazz singers and students who can play the saxophone, trumpet,trombone and rhythm section. If this sounds like something you would be interested in pursuing further you can find Big Band online at www.facebook.com/sussexunibigband.

   If you’re a more laidback music fan and prefer listening instead of playing it, why not become a member of Classic Album Sundays? The society aims to help people ‘connect over something more powerful and greater than human existence itself’. You’d be wrong in thinking this is just a music appreciation society though The committee hold regular listening parties on campus and in Brighton., which are not genre-specific, including listening to old and new releases and welcoming recommendations from members. Classic Album Sundays believe in connecting people who are passionate about music whilst enabling them to discover good music, new album releases, gigs and events, happening in and around Brighton. Visit them online at www.Facebook.com/sussexclassicalbumsundays.

  “Classic Album

Sundays believe in connecting people who are passionate about music”

   Folk Music Soc are another society you should check out. The group is for those who enjoy folk music, including musicians to listen and engage in the particular genre. With regular weekly meetings to celebrate, listen to and play folk music on campus, the society is ideal for students who want to socialise and find friends with similar interests. They also organise trips to see folk gigs and related music in the city centre. For more information, go to www.Facebook.com/sussexfolkmusicsociety.

   Looking for a society with a bit of energy and excitement? Look no further than Sussex’s award-winning Show Choir. The society gives students the opportunity to rehearse and perform a huge range of songs, from jazz to modern pop to old classics, show tunes and so much more. This one is aimed at people who love to sing and perform, like the hit American TV show Glee but twice as good.

   If you’ve ever seen the Show Choir perform live before you’ll understand how magical and moving their presence and collective vocal abilities are. Now in their seventh year as a society, they have performed at shows on campus including their highly successful end of year talent show, the annual Student Awards and ACAS Culturefest.

   Over the past few years, the society has come on leaps and bounds and success has reached them in good measure. 2014 saw them win first place at the National Master’s of Show Choir competition and they won the Most Improved Society award at USSU’s Student Awards of the same year. Head to www.facebook.com/ussushowchoir for more information.

  The final society w’ere shining the spotlight on is Sussex’s very own Experimental Music Soc. The society brings together music fans and musicians from all genres, especially those that are not covered by other societies and they have set out to increase appreciation of music. Regular meet-ups and discussions of the latest music releases and older tunes are just a few of the activities on offer at this society.

“The society brings together music fans and musicians from all genres”

   They also provide opportunities to form bands and projects with compatiable musicians and students alike and if you’re looking for a friend to attend a gig with, they’ve got that covered too. Look out for free workshops that the society create to develop skills in specific genres with the assistance of electronic music production. Check them out online at www.facebook.com/SuExpMusSoc.

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