1. 15p Asda noodles are your best friend
  2. Buy a huge bag of pasta for about £4, this should last you for a whole term
  3. Subsequently eat this out of the saucepan so you don’t have to wash up a bowl
  4. A “stir-fry” made by chucking everything left in the fridge into a frying pan is also a solid meal option
  5. Try to get to know a few people on the same course as you so you can work together on tricky assignments
  6. Get a bank account with an overdraft
  7. 100% go the fresher’s fair and sign up for anything that interests you
  8. Get involved with lots of things early on if you can, it’s a great way to make new friends
  9. Try something new. Ever fancied playing American Football? Well we have a society for that!
  10. Don’t be afraid to get political if that’s your thing, we’re all very aware here at Sussex! Every political party (well the important ones) have a society + there are many other activist groups and campaigns to get involved with
  11. If the standard pub crawl social doesn’t interest you, that’s absolutely fine. There are plenty of societies at Sussex that don’t do that, find one that’s right for you
  12. 1st year doesn’t count, so now is the best to time try new things, make mistakes and have fun while you can!
  13. Consider writing for The Badger about your experiences, especially if a career in journalism is something that interests you
  14. Get an NUS Extra card for 10% off at the co-op plus so many other offers. In first year this should more than pay for itself if you shop there often
  15. If you’re having sex remember: CONSENT CONSENT CONSENT
  16. Back up your files in case you have a laptop malfunction
  17. Make notes in every lecture and seminar so that the information is stored in your brain, just saving the PowerPoint slides off study direct is not enough
  18. But that said 1st year doesn’t count, so don’t stress yourself out over work too much. Save that for the 3rd year…
  19. Make use of office hours. Chatting to lecturers gives you a better idea of what they expect if you’re stuck, plus they get lonely in there all day
  20. Leave your door open in the first week, makes it easier to meet everyone in your hall
  21. Try to resist the temptation to go home for the first few weeks, it’ll make it easier to adapt in the long run
  22. Go to the poster sale when it’s on
  23. Don’t spend your entire loan in the first week. Seriously.
  24. Ask for help if you need it, I really should have done this more!
  25. Get your shopping delivered from Asda or Sainsburys, only use the co-op for small bits and bobs otherwise it gets really expensive
  26. Try new activities and make lots of friends early on
  27. Most of all: just enjoy your 1st year!
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