The Students’ Union have called upon students to become ‘Decision Bastards’ in the publicity material for an event during which students will be encouraged to approve proposed changes to the Students’ Union’s constitution.

On April 1 the Students’ Union website carried a post inviting Sussex students to their event called ‘Decision Bastards: A general meeting and ideasfest’. however, it was not an April Fools joke.

Students’ Union President Abraham Baldry explained: “We were talking about ways to make it more interesting and capture students’ attention and the name Decision Bastards came up.

“The Union’s Executive Committee agreed to the name as they wanted as many students as possible to be aware of the event.”

A minimum of 50 students are required to approve changes to the Students’ Union’s Articles of Association – sometimes referred to the constitution.

The changes will officially alter the structure of the Students’ Union, removing references to elected Communications and Operations Officers and replacing them with two Education Officers and a Society and Citizenship Officer.

The old Officer roles were scrapped last year after around 4% of students voted to accept the changes in a referendum however, the constitution has yet to be amended.

‘Decision Bastards: A general meeting and ideasfest’ will also ask students for their views on a new Students’ Union building planned as part of a new ‘Student Village’ that will replace the current East Slope residences and bar.

The size of the building has been agreed and ‘Decision Bastards’ is the first time that students will be consulted on its interior.

It is believed that the Students’ Union is still negotiating around whether or not there will be a Union-run shop or bar in the new building, and it is not clear whether the Union Shop or Falmer Bar will continue trading from their current site in Falmer House.

Balfour Beatty, one of the largest construction companies in the world, will build the new facilities and will also hold the contract to manage the building for the next 50 years.

Students who attend the ‘Decision Bastards’ event will also be asked for their views on the incoming Elected Officers’ manifestos.

The meeting will take part on Thursday 14th April and students can sign up to take part on the Students’ Union Website.

Pete Humphreys

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