Louise Clancy was the first friend I ever made in college. She introduced me to many other people who became our family. She was undoubtedly one of the brightest and most brilliant people any of us here in UCC had ever had the pleasure to meet.

On December 22nd of 2015, one of the most interesting and spectacular people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing passed away.

Louise Clancy, aged 22, died in a car accident alongside her mother Geraldine. It’s been over a month since that tragedy, and the pain is still fresh for all.

Louise was a creative, caring and compassionate young woman. She had a fiery spark that touched hundreds of people through her social endeavours, her personal blog, and the articles she wrote.

She was opinionated, articulate and considerate of other people’s world views, always striving to grow in understanding. Always knowing there was something else to learn.

She was always great fun to have around. She had some absolutely fantastic stories to tell and it was always a pleasure getting to sit down with a couple of guitars and just play for a while.

Beyond that, she was one of the most socially active people I have ever met, being involved in several societies on campus including Mythology, Sci-Fi and Amnesty.

In all honesty, you could never ask for a better friend. She was someone you could rely on, someone who you knew would always have your back, no matter how badly things had gone.

She was most certainly one of my closest and most treasured friends. All of us here in UCC who knew Louise, who counted her as a friend, we all know that she is utterly irreplaceable.

Thank you for making her time in England as enjoyable as it was. Louise Clancy was gone too soon, and she will be sorely missed.

Brendan Kearney

I’ve never met a person so hard-working and dedicated…

I’ll never be able to put words to what Louise meant to the UCC Mythology Society. She was with us from the beginning and put her heart and soul into helping us grow as a community and a family.

I’ve never met a person so hard-working and dedicated during my time as Auditor or afterwards. I will always be grateful that she decided to join our committee in our first year, and it was an absolute honour to be her Auditor and her friend.

From the UCC Mythology Society, we thank you all at University of Sussex for giving her a home away from home and making sure that she was happy there.

We will never forget her, and she’ll always be a part of us.

Laura Joyce

UCC Mythology Society Auditor, 2013-2014

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