Fresh from supporting The Libertines on a string of UK dates, Yorkshire-based band The Sherlocks breeze into Brighton’s Patterns for a headline set. Support comes from local heroes FUR and Hampshire’s BLAENAVON, the latter are ones who have already received comparisons to Peace in the past.

However, the room really starts to fill out moments before The Sherlocks take to the stage for their first performance in the city.

The energetic, watertight performance opens with ‘Last Night’ which sees frontman Kieran adopt a no-nonsense approach with added menace and mystique throughout. The four-piece conjure a monstrous rumble on ‘Escapade’ whilst channelling the riffage of a younger Arctic Monkeys circa 2007, which is a remarkable achievement for a band this early on in their career.

Hits continue to follow thick and fast in the form of ‘You’ve Made A Mistake’ and ‘Was It Really Worth It?’ on which the energy never lets up for a second. The band are building a buzz and gaining a loyal following to rival that of Manchester’s The Courteeners.

Tonight, their army of fans accessorise the front row of the venue chanting along to every word.

The urgent drumming and powerful riffs on former single ‘Heart of Gold’ is an exhilarating number that sees the anthem-fuelled set hit its peak. The intimate venue works well with the band’s sound, although their performance at Bournemouth International Centre proved that they’re more than ready to step it up a notch and tackle the bigger stages they were destined for.

Penultimate track and latest release ‘Live For The Moment’ sees The Sherlocks sounding their most anthemic to date, whilst pushing it to the next level. The band are a unit of musical expression who exchange laughs and jokes throughout their set. If you didn’t want to be in a band before, you do now.

The Sherlocks choose to end the night with a bang on fan favourite ‘Chasing Shadows’. It’s a fitting track to end on as the band are undoubtedly one of the best groups out there lurking on the fray of the mainstream.

The band are primed for major success but it’s their fans that will ensure they reach it. It’s these herd of fans who are at the front tonight who erupt with every track they play.

The band fixate the crowd from start to finish, there’s never a dull moment. It’s the band’s youthful spirit, trademark slick riffs and sprawling hits that they reel out left, right and centre that will ensure their survival in the coming years. Keep an eye out for The Sherlocks as 2016 belongs to them.

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