A Partner in Education​ (APIE) is a non-­profit organization registered in 2009 with a vision of establishing a centre of educational excellence in Rwanda. One of the patrons of the charity is renowned Rwandan singer, songwriter and peace activist Jean Paul Samputu, The charity’s aim is to improve and maintain the quality of learning in developing countries and their current main cause is the recently established Umubano Primary School. Umubano reaches three hundred children from three years old to twelve and with its all­ inclusive approach it does not turn away children with disabilities or impairments but tries to give each and every one of them a chance at success.

APIE is currently looking for new volunteers and recruits — particularly in the fields of marketing, management and fundraising strategies — interested in getting hands ­on understanding of what it takes to run a small non-­profit organization. “The benefits of working for a small charity is that you get to see the fruit of your work, how it impacts and makes a difference in the education of these children,” says Vivien Cohen, a University of Sussex alumni now interning at the charity. APIE is therefore setting up a society at the university and is looking for interested, passionate people who want to get involved in their project.

APIE will be hosting a benefit concert on November 19​ at the Fortune of War, and tickets are only five pounds for students. The concert will showcase a wide variety of performers, ranging from Jean Paul Samputu himself to Brighton’s own Jungle DJ Axiomatt. Funds raised from the event will go directly towards the children’s education through full-scholarships so more kids can attend Umubano Primary School. Even just five pounds can change the world for these kids.


Bring your friends, bring your housemates, bring everyone for a night of great music and an even greater cause!

Bianca Serafini

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