Spector are back. It feels like an eternity since the band’s debut album Enjoy It While It Lasts hit the shelves but finally the four-piece indie rock band from London have made their long awaited return with Moth Boys and are back on tour with Brighton being one of the last nights. After being described as “East London’s answer to The Strokes” by the BBC Sound of 2012, the new album appears to embody a more unique vision from the band than we’ve heard before. After taking influences from euphoric club experiences across Europe and some of the best lyricists of our time, like Morrissey and Nick Cave, which is glaringly obvious when you really listen to their sharp, witty lyrics. The new album doesn’t represent a rebrand from their 2012 album however. The heavy 80’s pop influences and sense of character remain, but they seem more refined than before which ensures they overcame the difficulties so many bands suffer when making their second album Make sure you head down to Patterns on October 27th to see one of the most exciting rock bands in the UK right now.

Ralph Palmer

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