Almost 50% of Sussex students are not satisfied with their sex lives, according to a recent survey.

The Hexjam Student Sex Survey found that only 51.7% of Sussex students are sexually satisfied.

Students in nearby Brighton fare worse in the survey, with only one in five surveyed happy with their sex lives.

Another survey, also conducted by Hexjam, saw Sussex’s position in the national student sex league climb from 61st to 36th, whilst Brighton University lost its place at the top to Leeds Beckett, dropping down to 12th.

The average number of sexual partners for Sussex students during their course also increased from 4.48 to 5.23, whilst Brighton decreased from 10.59 last year to 6.89 this year.

Edge Hill University in Lancashire placed last in the league table, with an average of 2.06 sexual partners over their time at university.

Rianna Gargiulo, Welfare Officer of the Students’ Union, launched a fierce attack on the sex surveys, saying: “I feel it is extremely problematic that this sort of thing exists as a way of encouraging students to go to a certain university based on how likely they are to get laid whilst there”.

She added: “The promotion (and sheer existence) of such a table encourages the patriarchal ideas which are inherently gendered towards what is expected of men and women in society.

“Women and men are both denied the agency that they have a right to in their sexual lives, resulting in social conceptions in which no one can win: a girl who has too much sex becomes a whore, a girl who has too little is a loser and a guy who doesn’t want to have sex isn’t a real ‘man’ and is encouraged to have sex at whatever cost.

“We’re all here to learn, fuck who you want and duck who you like. It’s no one else’s business”.

Another recent survey also found that students studying leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail courses on average have the most sexual partners, followed by engineering and marketing.

Other courses that featured in the top 10 included marketing and business, humanities, and philosophy.

Those with the least amount of sexual partners, according to the study, included those studying English, midwifery and performing arts.

One English student said: “Whilst this survey is accurate, I’ve bought some lucky pants and hopefully they will help skew next year’s figures”.

Daniel Green 

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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