Brighton and Hove Buses have introduced a new ‘express’ route between Brighton and campus after growing pressure on services due to increasing numbers of students coming to the city.

The new route, which was launched last Monday, stops at fewer stops along the 5 mile route to Brighton, with the original 25 route now running every six minutes to and from campus.

The move comes some two years after fomer Student Union Welfare Officer Sophie van der Ham proposed the idea to the bus company.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Brighton and Hove Buses said: “We are keen to ensure that we provide a better service for students and staff at Sussex University.

“With the new 25X only serving a limited number of bus stops along Lewes Road, and by going direct from Boiler House Hill to Falmer Station, we are able to provide quicker journeys”.

They added: “We have also provided an improvement to the morning peak frequency on the 23 bus route at the busiest time of day  following requests from passengers.”

Students’ Union President Abraham Baldry praised the introduction of the new service, saying: “The new bus route is fantastic. I’m really pleased they’ve [Brighton and Hove Buses] done it, as we have long needed more buses along that route.”

Baldry also added that the Union had been discussions about introducing the new route following the Union’s successful negotiation in reducing bus fares for students.

He described the achievement as much easier to get than the reduction in ticket prices, as the company understood how increased demand from more students will put further pressure on their routes.

Daniel Green and Joseph Petrovic

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