Here’s some advice to Freshers; you are about to have the best year of your life. You’re about to start 3 years of drinking every day, going to shitty clubs because they’re really cheap and scraping together pennies for the bus and those £1.50 shots in Pryzm on a Wednesday.

I asked a few of my friends for some helpful advice, and their responses ranged from ‘join a club and give no fucks’, to ‘go to freshers fair and get a 3-month bus card, because it’s cheaper there than from the bus company’ (I think this also perfectly epitomises the diverse range of people that you meet at uni).

One thing you should prepare yourself for – the bus journey from campus into town. It is possibly one of the worst things you will ever have to experience, comparable only to waiting at the walk-in clinic on campus for medication (oh the joys of UTIs and tonsillitis).

Be excited for the 40 minute journey to Brighton on the bus on a night out, desperately crossing your legs, torn between drinking the rest of your wine and not wanting to intake any more liquid in case you wet yourself.

Although you can always finish your prink (pre-drink, something you will soon learn about) and then use the bottle as a toilet; a task that one of my flatmates perfectly executed during one very drunk, very long journey one night. Another lesson you’ll learn at uni is that no-one will judge you.

I was talking to my housemates during exams last year (the end of my second year, when it was finally dawning on us that the end of uni is fast approaching) about what we’d give to go back to fresher’s again. Of course we turned this into the game: ‘if you give up a physical body part you can magically go back in time’. One friend volunteered her pinky finger, to which we all agreed immediately.

But then things got more extreme, and it turned into losing one eyebrow permanently (and not being able to draw it on or cover it up). And we started considering this, what would life be like with one eyebrow, would it really be that bad? Anyway, this is just a really long and stupid way of telling you how amazing the next year will be for you freshers. So amazing that three girls even considered permanently losing an eyebrow, just to go back and relive it.


Brogan Meaney

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