Jon Snow has recorded a message offering his “massive congratulations” to Sussex University students graduating this month.

The Channel 4 news anchor, not to be confused with the Game of Thrones character, received an honorary degree from the university for his services to journalism.

The 67 year old journalist, introduced by Professor Andrea Cornwall, appeared via video link to students in the school of Global Studies graduating on Tuesday 14th July.

In the video, which can be seen here, Snow addressed students by saying: “You have achieved something I never achieved.

“I was done out of my degree because I got involved in politics. Sussex University was a fantastic place to be. I wanted to be here but they didn’t want me, my A-levels were not good enough.

Snow, who recently appeared on Have I Got News For You and has become known for his eccentricity, is often noted in lists of successful public figures who did not make it to university.

He signed off with the pointer: “The world is your oyster, so crack it. So get on, love each other, enjoy and give back.”

Watch Jon Snow attempt to play a video game with Charlie Brooker on Channel 4 News:

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