When Brighton and Hove city council wrote to the owner of 70 and 71 Viaduct road asking “for properties to be adequately painted” they probably didn’t expect this:

Viaduct Road Mural

Local artist Aroe MSK was commissioned by the owner to create a mural that represents both London and Brighton.

The image features a tattooed Queen Victoria, the Beachy Head lighthouse, a British bulldog, a deckchair and tube trains running underground.

viaduct mural 4

Brighton and Hove City Council’s planning enforcement team sent out letters about improving the properties in February.

Neighbour LJ Oliver said: “I think its amazing. Its a vibrant bit of art as well as a middle finger to the council”.

viaduct mural 3

The properties are both owned by Nigel Hughes who is a company director of ‘Homelets’; one of Brighton’s largest student letting agents.


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