The University of Sussex has defended the outages of its Sussex Direct site on results day, saying:  “extra resources were put in place to deal with the expected demand”.

Some undergraduate students had difficulty accessing their exam results on February 6 2015.

The site faced similar problems in 2014, leaving many unable to select their preferred modules for the next academic year.

The university have released the following statement:

“Some of the Sussex websites have been much busier than normal today as students attempt to collect their marks.

“As in previous years, extra resources were put in place to deal with the expected demand and the release of marks has been staggered over the course of the day. However, with volumes so much higher than usual, there are likely to be some moments when users are temporarily unable to connect.

“Large numbers of students have been collecting their results successfully this morning, so any students who are trying to log in to Sussex Direct or Study Direct and experiencing problems are encouraged just to try again a little later.”

One student said: “Its ridiculous. I pay 9 grand a year to an institution that doesn’t have the server capacity to deliver my results when they say they will.”

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